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DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas
For The Most Festive Christmas Ever!
By Anastasia Chapman

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DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas Cover Pic

We're now just ONE MONTH away from Christmas, and this pre-festivity feeling is getting us all excited! What about you? And with exactly a month to go until Christmas, there's no better time to start prepping up for the merry season decorations! Decking up the Christmas tree with your favourite trinkets and glittery embellishment is just the start.


We are talking about festooning your entire home, right from the patio to the kitchen to render the look and feel of the holiday season. Fret not because it's not going to cost you a fortune. These easy to work on DIY Christmas decorating ideas are sure to get every inch of your house into the 'jingle bells' spirit! Whether you like traditional themes or prefer something out-of-the-box, this magical decoration list covers it all.

DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas Pic 1

Winterise Your Porch


Well, if you don't live in the North Pole, you can pretend to live in one! To get that wintery holiday look, add mini Christmas trees, fake or real in galvanised planters, draping them with twinkling fairy bulbs. You can get the planters and the trees from any local nursery and then assemble them together the way you want.


Apart from that, you can decorate your Christmas entryway to welcome carolers and soiree guests with a range of whimsical homemade garlands or wreaths. Create your own accents using everything from jingle bells, foliage, and pinecones, to twinkling lights and other glitzy arrangements.

DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas Pic 3

Quirky Christmas Table Decorations


Deem your festive season dinner incomplete without a well-decked dining table! Create luxurious dining arrangements with these chunky homemade Christmas table decorations. For instance, copper pipes pieced together into an exclusive Christmas centrepiece. Just add candles to the accent, and you're done! Or set up a casual yet colourful dining arrangement by swapping in folded tea towels instead of napkins and coasters. They work just as well and are even cheaper! Replace vases with colourful tumblers. A large garland placed in the middle of the table and holly leaves attached to napkin rings are other super easy ways to add that festive vibe to your Christmas dinner table.

DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas Pic 4

Craft an Unconventional Christmas Tree


If you are looking for alternative decoration ideas for this festive season, how about giving your Christmas tree a modern twist! Real Christmas trees are expensive and to be honest, they eat up a lot of floor space. Craft a fake Christmas tree that doesn't give you placement headaches. Check out this simple and space-smart Christmas tree made of pegboard that is guaranteed to spruce up your festive decor. Decorate the tree with your favourite ornaments and lights and place it in the middle of your living room for the guests to admire. Not only do pegboard Christmas trees look adorable, they save you from all the post-festivity clean-up!

DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas Pic 5

Colourful Wall Decorating Ideas


Decking up your walls is probably the last thing on your mind when planning Christmas decorations for your home. But we like to unify our decorations and make them even, both indoors and outdoors. Honestly, Christmas wall decorations don't have to cost a bomb! Here are a couple of fun DIY decoration ideas for your holiday aesthetics. What better way to decorate the walls than by displaying a funky advent calendar on one of the prime walls in your home? Another great idea is to enhance artworks with garlands with a touch of pinecones draped across elegantly. Hang charming stockings attached to a faux garland. Don't have the budget to buy new stockings? No worries. Give your tattered plaid scarves and blankets a new lease of life by transforming them into stockings with fringe.

DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas Pic 6

Add in Cosy Patterns to your Bedrooms


Easiest of all DIY decoration ideas, adding holiday cheer to a bedroom can be as simple as changing the sheets. Well quite literally, how about incorporating cosy patterns like plaids and cotton flannelette to get into the festive spirit! Just throw off a knitted or faux fur coverlet to complete the scheme.

DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas Pic 7

Spruce up your Kitchen Space with the Festive Vibe


It's surprising enough but very few of us pay attention to decorating our kitchens during Christmas. Considering the kitchen is the heart of every abode, and also the place where delicious fares are prepared during the festive season, it does make total sense to decorate it. Here are some simple yet Christmas worthy decoration ideas for your kitchens. Hang festive banners and place mini Christmas accents to bring in that joyful vibe into your meal prep zone. You can decorate the kitchen shelves with your favourite festive cutleries and crockeries too! If you have an all-white kitchen, throw in a few red and green mistletoe wreaths or anything that helps to achieve that holiday look.

DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas Pic 8

Create a Festive Warm Drinks Bar


Well, not a common thing to be seen at every Christmas party but without taking much of the floor space, accommodate an indoor hot chocolate/coffee bar in one of the corners of your living room this Christmas. A perfect way to warm oneself up, deck up your bar cart with a customised wooden sign, tiny table-top trees, cute mugs and an assortment of hot drinks. Top off the arrangement with candy canes, chocolate-dipped peppermints and cinnamon sticks!

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