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Eating Healthy During Exams

Eating Healthy During Exams
By Nina Mitchell

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Examination time is marked with stress and anxiety. It鈥檚 natural for us to skip meals and even lose appetite at times.


After all, it is much easier to drink a cup of coffee and gobble take-out pizza because you don鈥檛 want to spend time preparing food. However, needless to say, good nutrition should be a part of every study plan. When you consume vital nutrients, your body gets enough fuel to study properly.


Further, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet during exams can help you stay stress-free and healthy.


So, what healthy eating habits should one adopt during exams? Let鈥檚 find out.


Always Take a Good Breakfast and Never Skip It
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should never be missed as it determines how you will feel throughout the day! Why is it so important? After dinner, there is a long gap when your body is devoid of any nutrients which must be broken with a healthy breakfast.


It鈥檚 important to take a sumptuous healthy meal in the morning which will keep you energized and prevent you from feeling hungry or fatigued. During exams, it鈥檚 important to feel energized mentally and physically and therefore a healthy and heavy breakfast is a must.


It is highly recommended to consume fresh foods and fruits in the breakfast. Further, you should stay away from processed foods for best results. Your aim should be to consume a good amount of calcium, protein, and fiber.

TP 201811 education 07Keep Snacking Smartly
Consuming small snacks while studying is far better than eating heavier meals all at once. The idea here is to eat fruits, dry fruits, scones or nuts at regular intervals so that you remain energized and motivated to study and remain alert.

TP 201811 education 02Take Enough Fruits and Vegetables
Including fruits and vegetables in your diet ensures that you are getting required nutrients in form of vitamins and minerals. During exams, the stress and strain often cripple the immune system and that makes you fall sick frequently.

You can avoid this by remaining strong and keeping your immunity intact. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of most important nutrients which build immunity.

TP 201811 education 03Include Enough Fluid in Your Diet
Proper fluid intake is important to remain well-hydrated and healthy. Drink enough water, fruit juices and other healthy beverages. Consider taking green tea as it relieves stress. Take herbal teas and lemon water as these will cleanse and detoxify your body. Always carry a bottle of water with you as it鈥檚 necessary to remain well-hydrated during exams.

TP 201811 education 05Have a Proper Eating Schedule
It鈥檚 very important to follow a proper schedule during exams. It is highly recommended to fix your lunch and dinner timings and stick to them.

TP 201811 education 04Avoid Junk Foods and Hard Drinks
Further, you should avoid consuming junk foods and hard drinks to fight your stress levels.

TP 201811 education 06It鈥檚 Your Turn
Thus, keep these things in mind and eat healthy during exams. Study well, and eventually, everything will fall in its place.

All the best!

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