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IST Green Team Solar Panel Project. BE PART OF A GREEN INITIATIVE!

IST Green Team Solar Panel Project


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Have you always wished you could contribute in some way towards making the air quality better or the environment more sustainable? Well鈥檚 here鈥檚 your chance to be a part of something that is actually making a difference right here in Tianjin! And more importantly, it has been initiated by students!


During the celebration of Earth Week in April 2018, the International School of Tianjin (IST) launched a green environment initiative that was led by a group of middle school students known as the 鈥淕reen Team鈥 and that initiative was called the 鈥淚ST Green Team Solar Panel Project鈥. Backed by the school鈥檚 administration and Board of Governors, this inspiring project aimed to install 380 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of one of the two school buildings known as the Han Building, so as to cater to the lighting requirement of Han Building using clean, renewable energy!

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Photo by Trey Craig


Donations started pouring in right from Day 1 and till September 25th, 2018, around 170 of the 380 panels have been paid for by the generous IST community and friends. There are 200+ panels still awaiting donations. Meanwhile, over the summer break, the panels were installed on the roof of the Han Building and the Green Team Solar Panel Project is now officially generating clean, green electricity.


A monitor screen is continuously showing measurements of the difference this clean energy is making to the environment.


However, 200+ panels still need donors. Each panel costs RMB 2000. Donors are recognized on a Donor Recognition Board as well as on the school鈥檚 website. Donor names are also shared on the school鈥檚 WeChat updates every week as well as the IST weekly newsletter.

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The Green Team is truly thankful for all the donations received so far and is requesting for more donors to come forward and sponsor the rest of the solar panels. Every donation matters. Whether you donate RMB 50 or buy one panel or 50 panels, the Green Team appreciates your contributions.

Corporate donors for the IST Green Team Solar Panel Project are very welcome. Please check adjacent table for the corporate sponsorship levels and benefits schedule.


Please note that the school can only issue receipts for tuition, and therefore donations must be given in the understanding that the School鈥檚 Finance Office is unable to issue official tax receipts (fapiaos). Companies committed to the cause can of course, choose to donate and pay tax on the donation.

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Donor forms can be had from the School鈥檚 Reception or from the school鈥檚 Advancement Office or alternatively can also be downloaded from the school鈥檚 website:


Please contact Amrita Singh at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further details and a sponsorship registration form.

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