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Not another Coffee Shop - Bulldog Coffee

Not another Coffee Shop - Bulldog Coffee
Mike Ross
u0 cus d3 798dfc628b4f40fa98553e8a8b42d8f2pimgpsh fullsize distrA coffee shop that promises to, 鈥溾escue you from hum drum coffee with rich, flavorful taste.鈥 Quirky and colorful, it is not what you would expect to find in Tianjin. Once inside there may be a momentary pause as a newcomer reassesses those preconceived notions. This is not a dive, nor are there the impersonal warm tones of a modern caf茅 chain. This is a comfortable and modern coffee shop that welcomes further inspection with a touch of European characteristics. The current art on display is exotic and brings a sense of nature and culture into the space. Artwork and colours that remind you of the Mediterranean are also combined with several oriental artworks. The colours are turquoise, red and yellow and the menu is as varied as the d茅cor. It has a modern but warm ambiance that is enhanced by the lovely woodwork around the bar. Even better, the quality coffee does not equate to a pretentious vibe. It鈥檚 a local coffee shop with good people who really like coffee and want to share the wealth and passion of coffee making. In addition to coffee, the cafe offers cookies, cheese cakes, marshmellows, and some light snacks. Its promise of flavorful coffee, with freshly baked coffee beans and coffee (from Ethiopia, Jamaica, Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil) both bring a clear sense of this shop鈥檚 dedication to authentic, environmentally and socially responsible products and the service is all smiles.
u0 cus d2 f99e49ec4ec343cf9deb92de8b359885pimgpsh fullsize distrBulldog Coffee is a creation of two young people from Tianjin. Anthony and Fanny, a couple in love as much as they love coffee making. Their affinity towards bulldogs made them name the venture 鈥淏ulldog Coffee鈥. It is possible that the owners may be one of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are often around and it is clear in their attitude and the friendly banter that bubbles from the bar that they love making and serving coffee, as well as sharing a story or two. Though Bulldog Coffee is on the small side, it is nicely arranged to maximize space and even when busy, is seldom crowded. The inside can seat over twenty people and on nice days the outdoor patio area provides additional space. It is equipped with Wi-Fi and surprisingly an iron emitting air purifier to encourage a healthy environment.
u0 cus d4 330bf961b5d44de287e37c303630314bpimgpsh fullsize distrFor those who love a great cappuccino, try the 鈥淚ce Drip Coffee鈥. It鈥檚 truly a treat. It takes eight hours to brew and the taste will differ on the temperature and the climate. The caf茅 knows how to do perfect, meringue-like micro foam and the espresso is worth tasting. For those cappuccino hounds who like their drink heavier on the foam, just ask for a 鈥渄ry鈥 or 鈥渄rier鈥 cappuccino. So drop in and have a cup of the young and passionate coffee maker鈥檚 freshly roasted and hand poured cup of coffee!

1st floor, Building 3, Bi Yunli, Xikang Road, Heping District, Tianjin (near ICBC)

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