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Beijing鈥檚 Best Mexican: Much More than Tacos!

Beijing鈥檚 Best Mexican: Much More than Tacos!

Taco bar 1TACO BAR

Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu | (Directly East of Sanlitun Soho, 75 Metres past the Bookworm), Beijing, China Closed Mondays, Tues-Thurs: 5:30pm-1:00am; Fri-Sat: 5:30pm-2:30am; Sun: 11:30am-1am .6501 6026.

If you are looking for great tacos, good prices and a cool atmosphere this is THE place to visit. The Taco Bar started in 2012 as a hutong 鈥渟peakeasy鈥 kind of place and now has become one of the highlights of the busy Sanlitun area. Their simple but incredibly tasty and affordable food is a great new edition to the Beijing food scene. Although the staff can seem slightly flustered at times they make up for it by being incredibly charming and helpful. It is a great place to meet friends on the weekend, or to have a quick bite after work. The popular cheese dip (40 CNY), dotted with chorizo is a good place to start, as well as the guacamole (35 CNY) and the order of chips with salsa (20 CNY). Order a trio of one filling or pick from one of two combos of three (all 45 CNY). Whichever path you choose, it should include the pescado tacos. The huge hunks of tilapia coated in tempura batter, cabbage slaw, bits of tomato and a garlic aioli, will make you lick your fingers. Finally, to wash it down, you can try the margaritas (40 CNY a glass, 130 CNY for a pitcher) that go down dangerously smoothly or the gato (40 CNY), a refreshing drink made with gin, lime juice, cucumber syrup and tonic. Without doubt you should not miss this place if you enjoy fresh tasty Mexican food.

cantina agave1

S4-32, 3/F, Bldg 4, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Lu
Chaoyang District 鏈濋槼鍖 涓夐噷灞矾19鍙蜂笁閲屽悲Village鍗楀尯4鍙锋ゼ3灞係4-32 6416-5212

This colourful restaurant is the latest in the procession of Shanghai restaurants and bars opening venues in Beijing. Menu-wise the food reflects the owners' shared backgrounds in Tex-Mex and Mexican food and flavours. A stand out item is their Macho Nachos (45 CNY half order; 65 CNY full order). They come with tasty refried beans, melted cheese, jalapenos and generous scoops of sour cream and guacamole. For salsa you can serve yourself from the fantastic, unlimited salsa bar. We loved the corn salsa, pico de gallo and chipotle sauce. Other must-try dishes are the Tortilla soup (45 CNY), Enchiladas Verdes (78 CNY), Burrito Papito (75 CNY) and Burrito Mamita (65 CNY). But there is also huge room for exploration with Tostadas, Ceviche, Quesadillas and items fresh from the grill, all dishes between 60 to 90 CNY. Definitely, these are American size dishes, so be careful with the amount of food you order. For those with a sweet tooth, you can try the famous Churros and Flan Caramel and won麓t be disappointed. One of the main draws of Cantina Agave is their massive collection of tequila labels that the owner has compiled during his travels. On weekends they offer a 125 CNY all-you-can-drink Margarita brunch, which, as you can guess, is really popular, plus a daily 3pm to 7pm happy hour. Don麓t wait any longer, head to Cantina Agave to get your fiesta started!


14 Zhangwang Hutong, Dongcheng district, 涓滃煄鍖哄紶鏃鸿儭鍚14鍙6405 4352

A new culinary concept has arrived in Beijing: the Korean-Mexican fusion! Despite a shared appreciation for fresh ingredients and zesty flavours, this relatively recent cuisine might seem an odd coupling, but, one bite into a kimchi quesadilla and we鈥檙e sure you鈥檒l agree this is a classic case of culinary opposites attracting. This Dongcheng restaurant offers Mexi-Cali staples like tacos and burritos but stuffs them with spicy Seoul food, creating vibrant new flavors. Palms LA is very popular but has a diminutive space, so make sure you always make a reservation before going. Start with kimchi, garlic and k-town fries (25 CNY) and the house special kimchi quesadilla (48 CNY). Tacos run for about 40 CNY and burritos for 50 CNY, but we were particularly intrigued by the Baked Bibimbap (50 CNY). It is served with a bed of Mexican rice topped generously with onions, cilantro, seaweed, cheese, fried egg and meat. This is not everybody麓s cup of tea, some could find it hearty and satisfying, while for others it could be a bit overwhelming. It is definitely the type of meal that will make you want to unbutton your belt! Alternatively, you can avoid the fusion concept with Palms鈥 sandwiches which are also great; fluffy ciabatta envelops good-quality steak (55 CNY) with plenty of crisp veggies and an avocado cream dressing or go for the finger-lickingly good Korean fried chicken (42 CNY). Their most popular cocktails are El Imigrante (40 CNY) a mix of infused vodka and Sprite and the always potent Long Island (40 CNY).

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