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Flo Brasserie

Flo Brasserie
Taste traditional gourmet French dishes

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Walking into Flo, you are transformed by the surroundings of old Paris. But it鈥檚 not only the decoration that resembles a traditional Parisian brasserie, all of the dishes on the menu follow the recipes from the Michelin starred Flo Brasserie in Paris. At the door, you are greeted and led to a cushioned seat with a white table cloth resembling the original Flo Brasserie that was opened in 1901 in a Paris train station.

Flo, located in the Tianjin Italian Style Street has been open for nearly 5 years. The building itself is a historic building showcasing the Italian Style Street鈥檚 European architecture. Originally the house belonged to Zeng Guoquan, a prominent Qing dynasty era military leader.

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Opening the menu, I was amazed with the array of traditional gourmet French dishes. The menu is in French with English and Chinese descriptions. Every dish is designed by Flo鈥檚 chefs with sauces, wine and bread pairings in mind. For example, choosing a certain type of oyster or goose liver pate, the server will recommend for you one of their many types of fresh baked bread, always hot and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, a specific French wine, and the appropriate sauce to suit the dish.

We sampled a six course set menu. The seafood was a sampling of French oysters, conch, and shrimp flown in by air, paired with a fine French Cabernet Sauvignon, two kinds of sauces handpicked by the chef, and wine vinegar. They have 13 different kinds of fresh oysters, flown in from around the world for you to try. The fresh shrimp were fantastic on top of a slice of whole wheat French bread with their custom red sauce. For the conch, there was a creamy mayonnaise that added flavour yet preserved the sweet, mild fresh taste of the seafood. The manager told us that they have over 30 kinds of different sauces to pair with their fresh seafood.

With any French restaurant, foie gras and escargots are a must. Flo does not disappoint! Their goose liver is flown in from France and paired with a bread that best suits the richness of the foie gras. . Figs and apricots, a special dish from Flo鈥檚 chefs, matched the heavy flavours that come with the goose liver pate. The escargots were prepared with a garlic, butter, and parsley sauce that rivalled the best I鈥檝e tried in France or New York.

For our main course, we tried an Icelandic Cod Filet with Flo鈥檚 own creamy special sauce and Spanish chorizo as well as an ultra-thick and tender beef sirloin with a black pepper sauce and two kinds of potato. Both dishes practically melt in your mouth.

For dessert, there is a great selection of cr猫me brulee, pastries, macaroons and ice cream that are the finale to a perfect meal when paired with a cup of coffee or tea.

Flo鈥檚 English speaking staff cater to your every whim and anticipate every need. With more than 100 years of experience, Michelin starred chefs, restaurants in France, Beijing, and Tianjin, they clearly know how to do Haute French Cuisine.

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