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Kro鈥檚 Nest Pizza

Kro鈥檚 Nest Pizza
Trendy American Style Pizza, Now Available in Tianjin
By Jon Martin

姣旇惃鑲夌墖鐐稿脊Recently opened in the Kerry Center鈥檚 Riverview Place, Kro鈥檚 Nest Pizza has come to Tianjin, and what they serve can be summed up in just one word: HUGE and DELICIOUS. Ok, that鈥檚 two words, but they are both necessary here. The small is a medium, the medium is a large, the large is a very large, and the Monster鈥︹ell it鈥榮 a gig-normous unit, like nothing I鈥檝e ever seen before in Tianjin.


Most of the crusts at the Kro鈥檚 Nest are made the traditional American way, with a slightly thicker crust, plenty of cheese, and many different varieties of toppings. They can make your pizza virtually any way you want, and it鈥檚 always delicious -- a real taste of home for all who miss their comfort food.

IMG 2982Founded in 2005 by an American expat in Beijing, the Kro鈥檚 Nest aims to bring the modern American pizzeria concept to China. With the success of several locations around the Chinese capital -- and becoming a haven for expats and lovers of Western food alike -- they鈥檝e finally made their way east to Tianjin, to allow us enjoy their pizzas and low key, post-industrial atmosphere.


The menu offers 17 styles, but you can also customize, adding or subtracting certain toppings, ordering a half-and-half, or making your own 鈥淒IY鈥 pizza. Prices are very reasonable, starting at just 38 RMB. If you prefer the thinner crust -- Italian-style -- there are also some fantastic 鈥淔lat Breads鈥 available. Vegetarian? No problem! Without Pork? No problem! Virtually any way you want it, they can do it. The pizzas are all freshly-baked in their kitchen, which can, incidentally, be seen through a large window in the middle of the restaurant. You can watch the chef tossing the dough, and prepping the toppings if you like. Ah, just like home!

IMG 2976We tried the aptly named 鈥淪tring Cheese Incident鈥 pizza. Just as the name suggests, it is cheesy and delicious. A 鈥渃ulinary incident鈥 of American cuisine, re-made with the original soft, gooey cheese, light sauce, and fluffy dough for big pizza-lovers here in China. If you prefer your鈥檚 loaded up with every topping imaginable, try the 鈥淜itchen Sink鈥: they put everything they鈥檝e got on it, and it鈥檚 guaranteed to fulfill a case of the late night munchies or the hungriest appetite. There鈥檚 several more creatively-named pizzas such as 鈥淧ardon the Pesto鈥 and the 鈥淎rtery Clogger鈥. The best way to judge them, however, is by coming by and eating them for yourself. Discover your own favourite.


Other than pizza, they have a wide variety of snacks and set meals also. Buffalo chicken wings, cheese sticks, fried mushrooms as well as various salads are all here. This is my first time seeing real, authentic, Buffalo chicken wings on a menu in Tianjin. Every day, from 2 to 4pm, you can try their 鈥淎fternoon Snack鈥 promo for only 35 RMB, and have a choice of mozzarella sticks or fried mushrooms with a drink. Additionally, there is a set business menu from Monday to Friday at lunch time. The chefs are all trained by the best at the main restaurants in Beijing before being sent to the Tianjin branch, so all recipes are standard and consistent, always following the original.

QQ鍥剧墖20151019175635The design and layout of the restaurant follows a post-industrial design, with steel beams and platforms, bricks and wood boxes laid out in a trendy fashion. Logos are painted in graffiti on the walls throughout the dining area and kitchen. When you鈥檙e in the restaurant, it really transforms you into another world for the hour or so that you are there鈥攊t鈥檚 the perfect place to hang out and relax with family, friends, or just on a lunch break. The front area is comfortable for families or small groups and, in the back section, they have a very well-designed area that can seat large parties or groups.


During the summer, there is a patio outside facing the Shangri-La Hotel: a nice place to enjoy Tianjin鈥檚 warmest season while munching down a few slices of pizza and having a couple beers. If you鈥檙e considering having a company party or a large gathering, they can customize the seating and menu to meet your needs. If you鈥檇 like, they can also put your organization鈥檚 logo onto the pizzas. A really cool and delicious way to customize your event!


The Kro鈥檚 Nest鈥檚 also do deliveries, which they have become famous for in Beijing. If you鈥檙e within five kilometers of the restaurant, place a call to 8451-8888, between 10am and 10pm, and they鈥檒l be happy to deliver to your home. Why not stay in and have a pizza party with one of their huge monster pizzas. There鈥檚 nothing quite like staying in and scarfing down delicious pizza during the winter!


Biting into my first slice, I was taken back to my high school days in the US, grabbing a slice with friends at the pizzeria across the street from my high school. The ingredients, taste, and even the aroma of the restaurant are all the same. They鈥檝e really done it all, and brought it here to Tianjin in a convenient and fashionable location. Come by with friends or family and try it for yourself.


Kro鈥檚 Nest
Tianjin Kerry Center, Riverview Place, L1015
Liuwei Road, Hedong District, Tianjin


Phone: +86 022 84518888

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