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Milan Restaurant

Milan Restaurant:
Fine Wines and Fine Dining
By Annie Ly

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If you鈥檙e looking to dine in an understatedly refined restaurant with a strong appreciation for good wine and authentic Italian food, look no further than Milan Restaurant. Tucked away just behind the Somerset International Building on Nanjing Road, Milan Restaurant exudes a quiet, yet confident charm. It鈥檚 classy and sophisticated design makes dining experiences feel effortlessly upmarket. In association with one of Tianjin鈥檚 only specialist wine merchants, Milan Wines, the restaurant houses 600 different types of wine sourced from all over the world, making it one of Tianjin鈥檚 key destinations for wine lovers in the city.


When it comes to wine, consumer tastes and attitudes change all the time. It is an industry in China that perhaps does not receive its fair share of the spotlight. So how are outlets like Milan Wines helping to grab the attention of wine lovers? One thing that Tianjin lacks is one focal point which specialises in providing a high quality range of imported wines to sample and enjoy. Enter Milan Wines and its restaurant location. In the centre of Milan Restaurant stands a glass wine cellar displaying around 200 bottles of the best the restaurant has to offer. It symbolises the ambition of the restaurant to attract wine connoisseurs from all over Tianjin, as well as the ambition to educate new customers in the art of wine tasting and ultimately play a central role in building up the wine scene in the city.


We spoke to Kevin Liu, Milan Restaurant鈥檚 General Manager who has been working for Milan Wines since 2009. Having personally sampled each and every wine available on site, Liu knows good wine. He is a man who knows what he likes. One of his personal favourites includes Mission, a bold tasting Sauvignon Blanc hailing from New Zealand. His previous experience as a wine merchant and global travels to specialist wine regions all over the world make him well versed enough to help build up the wine scene in Tianjin. Lui knows that being in the wine business requires a lot of passion, enthusiasm and dedication. Pioneering the wine business here in Tianjin will be no easy task but it is clear that Milan Restaurant is being run by staff who clearly understand the value of impeccable service to complement the top quality wines available to try.


To accompany its broad range of specialist wines, the menu boasts of a range of authentic Italian dishes. From creamy risotto to delicious homemade pesto pasta dishes, customers can expect to enjoy Michelin star quality gourmet Italian dishes to go perfectly with their wine choices. We sampled some of the courses on offer at Milan, beginning with freshly baked bread, followed by a smoked prosciutto starter, dressed with a sharp sauce and almond and breadcrumb garnish. For mains, we sampled a range of pasta dishes from traditional spaghetti bolognaise made with a simple but fresh tomato sauce, pesto pasta with plenty of parmesan to finish, fresh clam pasta and a spicy beef ragu dish. The tastes are simple and well executed, ensuring your taste buds are not disappointed. Plates come served with incredible presentation and by attentive staff who are attuned to the needs of the diner. The seamless performance of the wait staff make the eating experience easy and comfortable so as to focus on the top quality tastes of wine and good food.


Beyond being a place for budding wine connoisseurs to enjoy wine and authentic Italian cuisine, Milan Restaurant presents a wonderful space to host intimate parties and events. With two private rooms available to use as well as a staging area, the modern tasteful d茅cor provide the perfect combination to wow close friends and colleagues with a top quality dining experience. This classy establishment is not one to be missed if you appreciate fine wines and fine food.

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