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Brasserie Flo

Brasserie Flo

Interview to Visiting Chef Fr茅d茅rik Bizat from Les Trois Soleils de Monta
By Nelly De Navia

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Brasserie Flo is an authentic piece of Paris in Beijing. For many, this is the only authentic French brasserie in the Chinese capital, and it has won, for eleven consecutive years, the prize of 鈥淏est French Restaurant in Beijing鈥.


Brasserie Flo showcases the spirit of the French grandeur: a vast patio, lush gardens, cut glass windows, a gorgeous bar and beautiful mosaic floors. But without a doubt, the most impressive thing about Brasserie Flo is its food. They offer high-class French cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients, but with affordable prices. On this occasion, they brought in visiting Chef Fr茅d茅rik Bizat from the famous one Michelin-starred hotel-restaurant Les Trois Soleils de Montal. Located in the town of Saint-C茅r茅, in the Midi-Pyr茅n茅es region of France, this restaurant is renowned for Chef Bizat's use of hand-selected, seasonal produce and his slow cooked specialties, carefully prepared.


The specially-prepared menus from Chef Fr茅d茅rik at Brasserie Flo represent the very best of French cuisine and gastronomy in Beijing and this is what he had to say to Tianjin Magazine:


We know you are a self-made chef and started on your journey almost by accident. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

I was born into a family of restaurateurs and we opened a restaurant in April, 1991. In the beginning, we had another chef, but after 10 days I realized that if I was not in charge of the kitchen in my own restaurant, it was never going to be in the best hands. So I learned from a book and by just experimenting. I also learned from the great Alain Dutournier. I was the apprentice of this Michelin-star chef and that鈥檚 when I learned the importance of the quality of the ingredients in cooking.


Like you mentioned, your cuisine is characterized by the quality of your hand-selected produce and also for your slow-cooked specialties. Can you tell us more about your style? What differentiates you from other chefs?

I have a huge respect for the produce that I use to prepare my dishes. What makes me different from other chefs is that I don鈥檛 want my guests to know the technique I am using. I don鈥檛 want them to care about that, I just want every dish to seem effortless.

auf la truffleWhat does it mean for you to have been awarded a Michelin star?

It means recognition for my passion and dedication in bringing the very best of me to each guest, every day, every time.


In the menu that you offer in Brasserie Flo, you combine French and Asian flavors like the scallop carpaccio with ginger, kaffir lime juice, and Thai basil, the foie gras served with a miso sauce -- where did you get your inspiration for this dish?

Traditional French cooking usually is very rich, so I wanted to add Asian ingredients, to add a lot of flavours and a different taste to the dish.

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In your opinion, are there differences in the cuisine philosophies of France and China?

I think that that French cuisine always showcases the freshest products and this elevates the quality of the dishes. The Chinese also respect their ingredients and they also use a lot of sauces in their dishes.


Finally, you have served plenty of celebrities, but if you could cook for anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

The current Chinese president, Mr. Xi Jinping

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