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Unlock the flavours of Yunnan Cuisine

Unlock the flavours of Yunnan Cuisine

 ICO6310It's a great adventure to explore the deep roots of any cuisine and try something new. If you are in a mood to go on an adventurous food trail in Tianjin, then now is your chance. All you have to do is set your destination to Bazndei Yunnan Food Restaurant, situated in Joy city IF Street. In the Bamei Zhuang language, Bazndei means beautiful village of Yunnan. In fact it鈥檚 true, it is a beautiful and picturesque location, once very remote, and with a unique cuisine. The restaurant has a smart casual dining experience packed with many unexpected, yet pleasant 'surprises' of Yunnan cuisine. Surprise is the number one adrenaline boosting factor you will sense from this restaurant.


After a successful saga of Yunnan cuisine restaurants in Shanghai and Beijing, it is now Tianjin鈥檚 turn to join in. The owner of this restaurant handpicked exciting dishes to serve Tianjin people with the aim of satisfying any customer鈥檚 personal taste and making no compromise on quality standards.

浜戝崡娌归浮鏋2The interior design and ambience is based on a contemporary and modern industrial theme. Old simply designed furniture, uncovered ceilings with hundreds of pipes and wires and rusty iron stairs reminds one of those of the industrial age of the past century.


We began the course with a toast of refreshing and tantalizing homemade sweet rice wine. Our first surprise was that this restaurant has 鈥榥o menu鈥. Yes, the restaurant doesn't offer a menu to their customers! Instead the waiters will ask for your choice of flavours and the chef will prepare an astonishing set menu accordingly using organic ingredients.

浜戞邯灏忔牱Yunnan cuisine has been getting more famous recently. Its use of exotic ingredients and spices, especially the various selections of mushrooms, flowers, fungi and ferns is considered as a way to a very healthy and balanced diet. The cuisine has influences and flavours from Mangolia, the North-eastern part of India and Tibet which provide a good touch of spiciness to it. The 鈥榥o menu鈥 concept allows any customer to appreciate Yunnan cuisine by allowing the restaurant鈥檚 expert staff to understand your personal preferences to prepare the dishes.


Finally, our aromatic dishes were served. Hot and crunchy breadsticks made with rice accompanied with a hot chicken dish, mixture of mushrooms, sweet plums and creamy sauce. A fresh salad with herbs, deep fried mushrooms and a base of fresh cucumber shreds with local Yunnan salad dressings on a slate plate. Another surprising factor is that hot and cold appetizers are served together, something very different and new from most other restaurants. The hot appetizer was extraordinarily delicious with saut茅ed cauliflower and a sprinkling of secret spice mix on top. Later, a cold one with baby fava bean and flowers with different sour dressings.

鐜夐緳闆北鏉捐尭鑿For the main dish - a steamy and fiery fish with hot sauce served traditional Chinese hot pot style. For entrees, the first was fried prawns with mint leaves and authentic seasonings. The mix of fresh ingredients and exotic flavors gives it an appeal even royalty could enjoy. The second was pan-fried assorted green vegetables with beef slices. Even with my amateur level of chopstick skills within couple of minutes we managed to finish everything. So I should say it was not finger licking good, it was chopstick licking good.


For beverages, we were expecting 鈥榥o menu鈥 again , but surprisingly they have a long listed, well organized and wide selection for the bar menu which includes liquor, cocktails (classic and fusion), mocktails, soft drinks, hot and cold beverages. We ordered a pu'er martini. Pu'er tea is well known and sourced from Yunnan. The microbial aged pu'er tea is another wonder to health science researchers as it helps to reduce fatty acids in the liver which results weight loss. The cocktail is made with pu'er tea leaves, ginger, mint leaves and some secret ingredients from Bazndei Yunnan team. It was unbelievably refreshing and a great way to finish our fantastic meal.

绾冲博鐑よ櫨We also decided to grab some beer. They offered us wonderful liquid gold known as 'Wind, Flower, Snow & Moon'. After a sip I was floating in the wind, flowers, snows, and moon over Yunnan. Now I understand the name! There are so many untouched and unnoticed beers like this in Asia which should come on to the scene.


I will certainly be back soon to finish some unfinished business. About to take a leave, we noticed an art gallery expo on display in this restaurant. The theme is changed seasonally and paintings are hand selected by the owner. Realizing this fact, I decided to surrender for the day and plan to visit this place again soon, leaving new surprises in store for new Tianjiners like me.

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