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Let the wheels move to Trolley Bar & Grille

Let the wheels move to Trolley Bar & Grille

IMG 5038Enjoying sports in a sports bar evokes a different feeling altogether 鈥 it is truly heavenly, especially if you are watching your favourite sports with a group of friends and chilled beer and hot food adding to the zest. To our good luck we discovered a joint which was all of this and much more. Named Trolley Bar & Grille, it is the latest addition to the list of sports bars in Tianjin city and has so far lived up to its reputation of being an exciting hotspot.


Located in Aoecheng area, Trolley Bar & Grille is a American themed sports bar that opened its doors to sports fans on 4th June, 2016, and has ever since served as an ideal hangout for youth, particularly expats. Offering American and international cuisine, Trolley Bar & Grille boasts of an indoor capacity of 50 people and has an outdoor option too that can accommodate 20 diners at any given point in time. Fitted amidst the wooden d茅cor are three wide television screens along with an impressive and well-stocked bar counter and complementing all this is a well-organized menu that has something for everyone.

IMG 5027In addition to the usual fare of appetizers, salads, main courses, baked salmon and so on, there are burgers, burritos, pizza and pasta just in case you wish to take it easy for the evening. There are specialties too like Italian mozzarella sticks, Jalapeno peppers deep-fried and beef quesadillas which taste best with IPA based Kentucky draught beer. Tianjiners who love beer must try the 鈥楰entucky Bourbon Barrel Ale鈥 which is not just unique but is also crafted skillfully with 8% ABV.


How about Trolley Burger & Fries wherein the burger is bigger than Big Mac and is served with freshly fried cheese sticks, bacon and a vegetable platter to complete the meal. An equally sumptuous meal is that of chicken burritos which comes with salad and each burrito is a rich nugget containing an inner core of cream mixture wrapped with layers of meat. Trolley Bar & Grille takes pride in the fact that everything mentioned on its menu is well worth the charge in terms of quality as also quantity.

IMG 5026An important highlight of Trolley Bar & Grille is the 鈥楬appy Hour鈥 which is held every day from 5pm to 7 pm and the main attraction is 鈥楤uy One, Pay Half for Second Beer鈥. Of course you have the choice of moving on from beer to other liquor brands too, some significant names being those of MaCallan 12 years, Glenmorangie, Laphroaig, Glenfiddich, Johnny Walker and so on. Varieties of gin, vodka, rum and Tequila complete the list. You can start your evening with classic cocktails and wrap it up with liqueurs like Absinthe, Drambuie and Jaegermeister.

IMG 5028If you wish to have a private party with your group of friends only, there is space on the first floor of Trolley Bar & Grille which is let out for such purpose. Future plans include utilizing the open space for setting up a pool table, introducing Sunday brunch and opening more branches across Tianjin. So all you need to do is settle down comfortably in the cosy ambience at Trolley Bar & Grille and relish the excitement offered by NBA League, Euro Cup and many more major sporting events.

IMG 5031Trolley Bar & Grille 涔斿凹瑗块鍘
A: Aocheng Plaza, Tianjin 22/23-119, Nankai District, Tianjin
鍗楀紑鍖哄ゥ鍩庡晢涓氬箍鍦哄ぉ鐜22, 23鍙锋ゼ搴曞晢119
T: +86 15222091582
Hours:10:00am - 0:00am (weekends 2am)

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