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Browns: A Taste of Britain

Browns: A Taste of Britain

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If you want a meal with a difference in Tianjin, go for the taste of Britain in the well-appointed, tastefully-decorated Browns Restaurant. Run by a Tianjin family who decided to transform its cooking hobby into a business and found an Australian-trained local chef to help make it happen, Browns offers a blissfully British eating experience. This really is a dining experience that would make Her Britannic Majesty proud.

IMG 5227Positioned on the throne of the People鈥檚 Park 鈥淢in Yuan Guang Chang鈥, Browns forms the apex of the surrounding restaurants. Not only this, Browns gives you the best of British, with a London pub-esque feel on the first floor, complete with outdoor area and a classy living room feel on the second floor, providing the perfect backdrop for a cozy private t锚te-谩-t锚te, business meal, family celebration or afternoon tea. From conventional decanters to elegant biscuit trays, every aesthetic is accounted for.


So let鈥檚 get down to it, what makes this place a bastion of 鈥楤ritishness鈥? Browns is home to the best British breakfast for hundreds of miles in any direction and there鈥檚 no holding back either. A mountain of mouthwatering sausage, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast, baked beans, your choice of eggs and it鈥檚 done properly. It is a real top up of body fuel that hits the spot which is served between 10am and 4pm on weekends. If that鈥檚 not your cup of tea, then look no further than their special Eggs Benedict with a traditional English muffin topped with bacon, ham and homemade hollandaise sauce.

IMG 5224To experience the staple of British culture, afternoon tea, or high tea as it is commonly termed in the UK, is a must and is one of the main attractions of Browns. This distinctive feature is truly special, as you will be presented with the finest cutlery upon which one may be bequeathed with a combination of traditional British biscuits, lemon meringue, jam coated cream scones and varieties of tea, all imported.


However, this is no ordinary afternoon tea - this is Fortnum & Mason afternoon tea. For those who are unaware, Fortnum & Mason is the most luxurious department store in the world, established in 1707. Furthermore, all Fortnum & Mason afternoon tea is granted Royal Assent by the British Monarch no matter where it may find itself being served in the world, placing it at the apex of fine British appetizers. Here鈥檚 a little tip so you know that it is real too. All the nibbles on a British afternoon tea dish should be edible consumed two bites, a strange but highly strict criterion within British culture.

IMG 5236On Sunday comes one of the more special sumptuous choices, a traditional Sunday Roast, done to perfection. For any Brit it is enough to make you feel right back in the realm and personifies you with that Sunday feel that we know we all miss. To top it off, you can鈥檛 really get anymore British than a hand battered cod and chips, truly a cod that tastes like it might have jumped right out of the North Sea and onto your plate, fresh and as scrumptious as a cod can come.

IMG 5257In addition to the above mentioned options, there is also a great selection of other western foods available to feed anyone鈥檚 appetite, from vegan to meat lovers or all round food lovers. Some suggestions range from the Australian grain-fed beef done the way you like it, spring in asparagus soup or the creamy mushroom soup or lobster resting in a risotto bed. To round it off, try a miniature apple crumble or strawberry tartlet and flat white coffee.


One visitor to Tianjin who tried Browns commented:

鈥淚 did not expect in Tianjin to experience such gourmet western food but Browns was a real find. From walking into the beautifully decorated venue, to the attention of the staff and the variety of wonderfully attractive and delicious dishes it is a restaurant that, as a foodie who has travelled the globe, I would recommend to anyone visiting the city.鈥 - Jane from South Africa.

IMG 5234The truth is I鈥檓 hungry from writing this, see you all in Browns!


God for Harry, Britannia and for Browns!


Browns Bar & Restaurant 鍕冩湕鏂嫳寮忛厭鍚ч鍘
Address: No.108-111, 1st Floor, Min Yuan Stadium, Heping District
Tel:+86 22 88370588/88370688
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