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Culinary Treats Tianjin: YU FEI YU Roast Fish

Culinary Treats Tianjin: YU FEI YU Roast Fish
By Oshani Silva


This gem of a restaurant was founded by Mr. Liu Feng who has been working as chef for 12 years. Born to a family of renowned photographers, Feng devoted himself to the perfecting Guangzhou cuisine as well as mastering the art of creating ravishing seafood dishes. He then took up work as a photographer, excelling in that field as well. His forte included theme photography and capturing some of China鈥檚 most popular celebrities through his lens. He then tried his hand as a compere for a cooking TV program. Mr. Liu Feng is truly a man of many talents. He is really the most uncommon photographer among the chefs and the most extraordinary chef among photographers. He channeled his passion for seafood and cooking and founded the YU FEI YU Roast Fish restaurant, opening the first restaurant in Shanghai in 2014. He now has 15 branches in Shanghai and Hangzhou.


YU FEI YU Roast Fish was the first 鈥淥cean Theme Restaurant鈥 at Shanghai. He combined original crisp fish skin sauce, roasted fish, stone bow roasted seafood and BBQ Skewers perfectly. YU FEI YU insists on a healthy diet culture, adopts natural food materials, provides a romantic ocean style dining environment and comes with a creative "Golden Triangle" flavor. This has led to an excellent and brand new business model in China.


Mr. Feng created a new process that infuses Southeast Asian flavour to perfectly roasted fish. The fresh seafood coupled with the Cheju spicy cabbage tickle your taste buds and take you on a wonderful culinary journey, leaving you wanting more. Not to mention the tantalizing South American tomato flavour adds just the right amount of sweetness to the dishes. Their decadent and characteristically Southeast Asian dishes that combine freshly caught fish with red curry and green lemon flavour makes you feel like you are dining on your own private sandy beach, surrounded by pristine waters under the shade of a coconut tree.


The dishes at YU FEI YU Roast Fish are simply amazing. Rich in flavor and freshness, it is a treat to your senses. Each dish is created with its own unique twist and combines the best ingredients. It is a must on your bucket list of restaurants to visit in Tianjin.


YU FEI YU Restaurant's environmental design draws on the concept of "ocean style". The waved roof simulates the waves of the ocean, beach style tables with adorable starfish and sunbathing miniature figurines make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. The d茅cor of the restaurant is reminiscent of a breathtaking sandy beach, surrounded by the wonderful salty sea breeze. The funky zebra floor adds a unique touch. You can see beautiful fish everywhere along with dream-like blue lights creating a beautiful relaxed environment to dine in.


Roasted Fish, Thai-Style Red Curry
The wonderful smell hits you as soon as the dish is served to your table. It combines the perfectly mixed red curry with an underlying slight spicy-ness with freshly caught fish making the dish absolutely divine. With every mouthful, there is the rich taste of coconut milk which makes the fish taste even fresher.


Champion Roasted Squid (180 thousand sold at the Shanghai branch)
The large squid especially imported from Argentina look really appetising. They are all of standard size and of the highest quality. You can't resist the tempting blend of their signature sweet and slightly spicy coating on the scrumptiously roasted squid which will definitely give you a brand new taste experience. The texture of the squid is wonderful and cooked to perfection with just the right amount of chew. Each part of the squid is infused well with the herbs and gives your palette a burst of flavour.


Steamed Seafood Pot, Mantis Shrimp, White Clam and Figuratus Clam
This delectable trio is made with the fresh mantis shrimp, delectable white clam and juicy figuratus, freshly caught from Dalian. The seafood is so fresh that it鈥檚 still alive as they cook this dish right at your table. These delicious ingredients are prepared with a splash of seawater, kept for 2-3 cooking minutes and voila! The best steamed seafood pot in town! The shrimp is sweet and juicy while the white clam adds a nice kick to the overall dish. Don鈥檛 be fooled by the absolute simplicity of this dish as it鈥檚 packed with taste and texture from the succulent meat of the shell fish.


BBQ Skewers
At YU FEI YU, the best appetiser must be the BBQ skewers! To have something different while waiting for the main course, their BBQ skewers couldn't be better! With great taste, it can be paired with wine, one of the many vegetable based dishes or even as an add-on to the main course. BBQ is definitely the number one choice for you for a meal out with your friends, colleagues or parents.


Sweet Peach Gum
鈥淭he peach tree is slender and sturdy, flaming red are its blossoms鈥. Picked from the peach garden in the spring, the peach gum is like amber and is as clear as crystal. A mild peach flower flavour combined with the jelly texture gives you a sweet taste, invigorating your taste buds.


Fruit Salad and Ice Cream
For dessert, be sure to try out their fruit salad and ice cream combination, served with a medley of sweet and juicy fresh fruits topped off with a scoop of cold sweet strawberry ice cream. If you like to have dessert first, do order one to enjoy and indulge your senses in while waiting for the roasted fish.


Located on the 3rd floor of Joy City, YU FEI YU is a highly recommended restaurant as they pride themselves on serving a delicious, mouthwatering array of seafood and other dishes. A main dish will set you back between 50-100 RMB depending on what you chose. Of course if you opt for sides and drinks along with a dessert, the total will be more. The portions at YU FEI YU Roast Fish are large and the food is delicious so it鈥檚 worth every penny. Next time you are craving for all things seafood, do make a reservation here. You will want to come back for more!

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