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MARUFUKU – A Taste of Japan

MARUFUKU – A Taste of Japan
By Oshani Silva

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Located in a corner at Aocheng, this gem of a restaurant serves some of the best Japanese-style barbeque in Tianjin. Marufuku was established in May 2008 and the first shop was opened in Beijing’s Chaoyang District. With its array of mouth-watering dishes to choose from Marufuku is the ultimate place to have a hearty meal with your family or simply unwind and relax catching up with old friends.


As you step into the restaurant you are whisked away momentarily to Japan. The interior is beautifully designed incorporating elements from Japan which adds on to create a wonderful dining experience. The restaurant spans across two floors, with upstairs having traditional Japanese seating arrangements. They have private dining rooms as well. The atmosphere at Marufuku is one that sets you at ease. The excellent food coupled with wonderful service from the staff will undoubtedly make Marufuku an amazing restaurants to visit. Mr. Fukuizumi, the head Chef at Marufuku has been engaged in cooking and barbecuing in Japan for 35 years. He is a highly experienced chef, specializing in Japanese barbecue.

368443436The menu at Marufuku is very extensive ranging from the mouth-watering roast dishes like the juicy beef tenderloin with mashed garlic, flavoursome pork neck and salmon to soups like kalbi or tofu which are both spicy and tickle your taste buds with flavour. They also serve an assortment of cold dishes from healthy vegetable salads to scrumptious Yukke (a seasoned beef with raw egg). The restaurant has numerous noodles and rice dishes to choose from too. Their seasoned cabbage is a favourite amongst regular customers. It’s a simple dish that wonderfully complements an alcoholic beverage (especially beer) and is usually given on the house. The ingredients used at the restaurant are of the highest quality as Marufuku takes great pride in giving their customers nothing but the best.


Marufuku has a very affordable and absolutely delicious set menu for lunch. Be it a beef mixed rice or the rice and fish combination -- each one is not only filling but is also delicious. For curry lovers, try the curry rice combination. You will not be disappointed. Prices for the lunch menu from 35RMB to 50 RMB. They have a combination with roast dishes as well and the price varies according to the size of the portion. Marufuku is a place which always introduces new and exciting dishes brimming with flavour to their customers. Their extensive menu is a testament to their creativity and variety. The red wine infused beef, roast duck meat and the delectable thick cut of bacon are some of the tasty treats on the list of new additions. I would also recommend the tantalizing black pork and the seafood platter, another favourite among its regular customers.

1338363663To compliment your meal you can choose from their wide choice of beverages -- be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic. They have many varieties of Japanese sake such as Dessai and Otokoyama to name a few. You could also opt for a wonderful plum or yuzu wine. They also have beers, teas, juices and delicious cocktails. You can also try one of their many varieties of shochu. All of which are refreshing and drool worthy. Japanese cuisine is famous for its precision and refreshing tastes coupled with traditional cooking techniques. Try out their Udon noodles, a popular and simple Japanese dish packed with flavour. Marufuku’s signature Chinese cold ramen is a delicious treat to your senses. The gooey melting cheese with decadent curry and rice served in a stone pot is a foodies dream come true.

1631030751The roast dishes are the superstars of the decadent food served at this establishment. Wonderfully seasoned high quality meat and generous portions make the roast dishes a must have. Cooking the meat on a grill at your table before your eyes, coupled with the aroma of seasoned sizzling meat makes the whole food experience more interactive and enjoyable. Some of their most requested dishes are beef kalbi (beef short ribs), moist mouth-watering beef steak and, of course, the tempting shrimp. If you are adventurous with food you can also try out their beef tongue and halami (beef diaphragm). Even the simplest dish at Marufuku is prepared with care and warmth, as is widely seen in Japanese cuisine.


The staff at Marufuku are very courteous and friendly -- always ready to help with a smile.

Marufuku is a restaurant that offers an abundance of gastronomical delights with a boundless variety of delicious and seasonal dishes. The pungent sauces and delicate flavours of fresh food complement each other beautifully. Marufuku is a wonderful restaurant to visit in Tianjin and should definitely be on the top of your list when it comes to eating out!

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