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Nán Duō Shì. Afro - Portuguese Restaurant

Nán Duō Shì
Afro - Portuguese Restaurant
By Natasha J.

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1217 4If you are on the lookout for chicken grilled over fire, or gristle on a stick, it's your lucky day! I mean is there any country in the world where grilled chicken is not enjoyed?

1217 16Afro - Portuguese restaurant aka Nán Duō Shì as the name suggests leans heavily on the hot peri-peri side of things, but isn’t beholden to just one genre. The founder and architect Rodman presents his cuisine differently as an integrated experience that goes beyond merely food. Rodman lived and travelled throughout Europe for the better part of his years. He brought back the much-flavoured experiences, thus relieving us the hassle of a round trip around the world.

1217 9Arranged on ceramic plates are inviting appetizers, exotically prepared main meals and mouth watering bites that complement their unique drinks, and all of these are a stark contrast from the grease-stained silver bowls. Menus are upgraded monthly creating fresh discoveries with old favourites, especially for the benefit of member customers.

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Food: The butterflied chicken basks on the open grill to accentuate its deep smoky essence and caramelized marinades resembling charcoal roasted birds. They go through an intricate process to produce that juicy, flavourful, chargrilled taste all the while maintaining an extremely tender yet crisp and crackly mahogany exterior. There is no elegant way to eat them and that is in their favour. Spurred by Nando’s, one of the world’s most popular chains and home of the legendary Portuguese flame-grilled peri-peri chicken, Peri-peri in Swahili means 'pepper-pepper’. It is a chilli glistening red in the hot Mozambique sun and was adopted by Portuguese settlers in the 15th century.


The Hot Moroccan Tajik Beef Casserole which is comforting and packed with warmth and flavour is perfect for this season. It goes flawlessly with the dollops of Mashed Potatoes that will cheer you up. The Red Bean Beef Porridge, a solitary sensation is a souvenir from Rodman’s 2007 travel to the city of sunshine - Lisbon.

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Other additions include Grilled Prawns with Japanese Garlic Crispy Crust, Mexican Crispy Nachos, Spicy Crab Claws, Sweet and Spicy Clams and an exotic Japanese Eel Pizza, all of which will leave a plate-sized hole in your heart.

mmexport1513043555790Drinks: A variety of flavoured tapioca balls and fruit jelly teas, coffee, juices and many more are on the offer. But if you want something a little stronger, they’ve got that covered too! The new collection includes an exciting array like the Mojito Jell-O shots to be enjoyed after hours, even as late as 2 AM!


Sweet afters: The signature Portuguese egg tart, a sweet balance of rich cream, with a soft flaky exterior grilled just like the chicken is the ideal dessert option. Part of the majesty in the queen of puddings resides in the screaming bellowing hard caramel layer of their crème brûlée.


Ambience: A tropical exotic look with earthy texture and bright colours reflecting the African-Portuguese warm climate roots and contemporary art marks the decor. The electric and cheery African-inspired vibe, with wooden tables and colourful upholstery is uplifting, whilst the staff is friendly and warm and hip music plays in the background. With all this attention to detail, Nán Duō Shì breathes some fun featuring outdoor dining.


Is it Expedition worthy? Yes! Eating is for the flesh! Drink is for the soul! With 100 new dishes a year, the food is carefully selected from all over the world for the body and soul. Join Nán Duō Shì to challenge the metamorphosis of gourmets.


南多世 Afro - Portuguese Restaurant
Address: No.12 Ning Le Xi Li, Shuishang Dong Road, Nankai District
Tel: +86 22 2374 0090

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