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Cut Corners

Cut Corners
By Caroline Lane

TP 201809 slang 02Cindy鍜孡eo鏄竴瀵规柊濠氬か濡囷紝濠氬悗娌夋蹈鍦ㄥ垢绂忎腑鐨勪粬浠緢蹇究鎼繘鏂板锛屽苟涓旇揩涓嶅強寰呭湴鏌ョ湅鍚勪釜鎴块棿鐨勬儏鍐点傚綋Cindy 鍛婅瘔Leo娴村婕忔按鏃讹紝Leo涓嶇琛ㄧず瑁呬慨鍏徃鈥渃ut corners鈥濄侰indy涓嶈В鍦扮湅鐪嬪瑙掞紝璇达細澧欒寰堝ソ鍟娿傚叾瀹烇紝Cindy涓嶇煡閬撯渃ut corners鈥濇槸鈥滃伔宸ュ噺鏂欌濈殑鎰忔濄傗渃ut corners鈥濊繖涓瘝鐨勫師鎰忔槸锛氭妱杩戣矾锛屾壘鍒版洿鏂逛究鐨勫姙娉曪紝鎴栫敤鏇寸渷浜嬬殑鍔炴硶鏉ュ仛涓浠朵簨锛岀敤鍦伴亾鐨勬眽璇瘝姹囨潵璇达紝閭e氨鏄 鈥滃伔宸ュ噺鏂欌濆暒 銆


Cindy and Leo form a newlywed couple. Their wedding took place a couple weeks ago, and they were moving into their apartment that was going under renovation for the past few months. Cindy and Leo cannot wait to see what their new place would look like. After stepping into the apartment, they quickly went around the place and checked if things were working. Lights worked fine in all the rooms, stoves turned on fine, and water was running. Cindy let the water run for a while to check the water pressure. Exactly because of that, though, they found out that the pipes under the bathroom sink were leaking.


Upon finding the leakage, Cindy ran to Leo and told him about the discovery. Leo went quickly to the bathroom, looked at the leakage, frowned, and said, 鈥淭he construction company really cut corners when they built this bathroom! We paid so much for the renovation too.鈥 Cindy, not knowing what 鈥渃ut corners鈥 means, looked around the bathroom and replied, 鈥淗oney, what do you mean? The corners are fine in this room!鈥


Not knowing whether to be surprised or to laugh, Leo explained that 鈥渃utting corners鈥 means doing something poorly or cheaply. The construction workers probably didn鈥檛 put their 100% into renovating the apartment, or used bad materials, thus leading to the leakage of the bathroom sink.


If you imagine a building with poorly constructed corners, you鈥檒l likely see why this idiom means to do something cheaply - costs are cut and quality is low. 鈥淭o cut corners鈥 has a similar Chinese phrase: 鍋峰伐鍑忔枡 T艒u g艒ng ji菐n li脿o. Next time you see something that could be built better, feel free to say that people cut corners while building it!

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