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Fantastic Outdoor Restaurants

Fantastic Outdoor Restaurants
By ellen Morris

TP 201809 Beijing 02大理庭院这家餐厅由来自大理的老板开设,一个植物茂盛的云南风情的院子却点点滴滴地透露着老北京的印记——成熟的石榴树漏下的斑斑树荫是北京秋天才有的阳光,屋顶的茅草被北京渐凉的秋风吹得慢慢变黄,但庭院中是云南特有的美味佳肴。这里的餐饮以云南菜为特色,此外还提供鸡尾酒和葡萄酒,如果想要抢到烛光室外露台的浪漫桌位,客人必须提前预定。北京花家怡园是簋街上历史最悠久的餐厅,也是京味餐饮第一品牌,这里有很多传统的特色菜,其中小龙虾搭配鲜啤是夏季北京市民的最爱,非常受大众欢迎。这里还有私人包间,更可以在户外庭院中用餐。小苏苏可以算得上是北京的网红餐厅了,店内有一小片庭院,菜品以泰国和越南菜为特色。这家饭店的位置比较隐蔽,走到胡同口的时候一定要仔细观察哦。位于西城区的私家厨房为大家提供特色的贵州菜,辛辣风味在很多菜中都有体现,店内屏风和半塌的墙壁都巧妙地为每桌用餐顾客提供了一种私密感。在这里用餐,相信你会有一番独特的体验。


Make the most of your best month in Beijing. Sit outdoor and enjoy good food while the temperature is still pleasant. When it comes to beautiful views, Beijing will not let you down in any way. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a lovely feast with a gorgeous view today. Here we recommend to you some places for a memorable dining experience.


Dali Courtyard

This charming little courtyard restaurant off Gulou Dongdajie is one of the city’s most unique outdoor venues and is perfect for warm weather months. The menu is strictly prix fixe. Starting from RMB 100 per person, guests are served an assortment of five to 12 Yunnan standards (depending on how much you pay) prepared by a chef native to the region. Among these are dishes like ru bing (grilled goat cheese), grilled chilli fish, spicy stir-fried mushrooms, spicy Yunnan-style dumplings, crossing-the-bridge noodles (guoqiao mixian), fried shrimp and stir-fried wild vegetables (ye cai). Cocktails and wine are available. Advance reservations are necessary, particularly for the candle-lit outdoor terrace.

TP 201809 Beijing 01Address: 67 Xiaojingchang Hutong, Gulou Dongdajie Dongcheng District
Open: Mon-Sun: 10:00am –09:30pm
Price range: $$


Hua Jia Yi Yuan

The restaurant sits at the convenient Guijie location where you can dine in the outdoor courtyard. It serves tasty home-style fare in a swanky courtyard setting with comfortable private rooms. Their spareribs, kaomantou (roasted buns), mala xie (spicy crayfish) and draft beer are popular.

Tp 201809 Beijing 03Address: 235 Dongzhimennei Dajie Dongcheng District
Open: Mon - Sun: 10:30am - 4:30am
Price range: $$$



Down a deserted alley, just at the point that doubt starts to creep in, Susu welcomes you into her twinkling, ever-so-modish folds. A courtyard oasis whose designer dazzle bears the stamp of Apothecary and Modo, it makes a supremely assuring first impression. Run by former Stone Boat owners Amy Li and Jonathan Ansfield - who also opened Thai restaurant Pak Pak - Susu has two chefs from Saigon working in the kitchen. Lunch features pho, Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches and banh xeo crepes, while at dinner you've got caramelized claypot dishes, Vietnamese stews and "the fabled La Vong Fish."

Tp 201809 Beijing 04Address: 10 Qianliang Hutong Xixiang Dongcheng District
Open: Mon - Sun: 11:30am-11:00pm
Price range: $$$


Private Kitchen 44

The menu of Guizhou dishes includes the must-have suantang yu; served in a ceramic bowl, the experience feels warmer, more personal than in other restaurants. The zaola qiezi, eggplant in a spicy and sour fermented pepper sauce also comes highly recommended. Furniture, screens and even a half-collapsed wall are cleverly deployed to give diners a sense of privacy, making Private Kitchen 44 a thoroughly pleasant, if somewhat pricey little place to spend an evening. Making prior reservations is recommended.

Tp 201809 Beijing 05Address: 70 Deshengmennei Dajie, Xicheng District
Open: Mon-Sun: 11:00am - 11:00pm
Price range: $$$


Café de Sofa

This cute three-story cafe tucked in a back alley of Houhai serves up a variety of Taiwanese-inspired drinks and snacks. Sandwiches, salads and coffee are on offer, and there is a rooftop terrace which enables diners to enjoy a view of the lake.

Tp 201809 Beijing 06Address: 12 Yindingqiao Hutong (south of Yindingqiao Bridge), Xicheng District
Open: Mon-Sun: 11:00am – 12:00am
Price range: $

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