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Why Kung Fu Remains an All-time Favourite Sport

Why Kung Fu Remains an All-time Favourite Sport
By Rose Salas

TP 201809 Art 01 2提及李小龙,可以说在世界各国大家对他是无人不知,无人不晓;如今,成龙的名字也通过影视让外国人所熟知。他们的共同点正是在于一身精彩过硬的中国功夫。作为一种仿佛是神秘力量的存在,中国功夫一直吸引着全世界很多体育爱好者的目光。其实功夫只是对中国各类武术的一种统称。修炼功夫不仅需要良好的身体素质,更需要耐心、全情投入、时间和纪律性。如今中国功夫已经受到了越来越多外国人的欢迎,不少中国师傅,都有了洋徒弟。民间武师李连贵一直练习中国功夫,70岁的他练成了缩骨法、脱骨功。曾先后多次出访,代表中华武术最高级别的中华武术团出访美国、俄罗斯、沙特及中东等地区,所到之处,均引起极大轰动。除了这位大师,当然还有很多其他的老师,有一些甚至开办了武术学院。




Kung Fu, Wushu, or Quanfa, this timeless sport that necessitates discipline, patience, energy and time completion has become a venerable part of our culture and history. Martial arts gained popularity in the world when Bruce Lee captured the hearts of the global audience through his movies during the 1970s. Who would ever forget Jackie Chan and Jet Li too! These martial arts movie idols gave the world an enthralling glimpse of this Chinese sport.


Popularity of Kung Fu peaked at the start of the 20th century. It is a combat-related skill but most practioners say it is a lifestyle. Some people say that when you learn it, it is as if you have gained superhuman powers! Generally, it covers a wide range of Chinese martial arts that bring about positive changes in your mind and body.

Kung Fu Master Li LianguiKung Fu Master Li Liangui has been so disciplined in his passion. He specializes in Body Shrinking Kung Fu where he assumes body positions that are extremely terrifying. To be an expert on this, one has to dislocate his bones to achieve unlikely positions, techniques, and attainment. He travelled the world to introduce this sport to royal families in the UAE. To him, it is a complete sport because all components are included - throwing, hitting, grappling and kicking. To him, Kung Fu is a lifestyle and not just a form of self-defence.

Shaolin Kung Fu is Master Xing XiAnother expert in the field of Shaolin Kung Fu is Master Xing Xi. His passion made him believe that this martial arts culture should be preserved, so he opened an academy in Beijiing. He saw great potential in young people so he even takes classes for young students. For him, this sport can start as a hobby, and soon you become so deeply involved that it becomes a part of one’s body and life.


Have you ever thought of the great benefits you can derive from Kung Fu? First, you can improve your posture and energy levels when you practice this sport. It will build up your muscles, enable you to shed some pounds and eliminate fats, improve your endurance and develop your concentration. As you feel the energy and notice a lot of calories being burned in your body, you will crave for healthy foods and stay away from junk. You will also notice that your equilbrium and body balance becomes better. You don’t easily slip and you can manage when your body hits the floor from simple to heavy falls.


As you train from months to years, you gain an energised, focused and disciplined body that will enable you to live longer. No wonder those Kung Fu masters look healthy as an ox! Lastly, you can be confident and protect yourself in times of danger. You can apply the tactics and techniques you’ve learned from training and stay out of harm’s way.


Another advantage of Kung Fu is that there are so many styles you can choose from that can fit your personality. This makes this sport an all–time favorite. You can practice one skill at a time, master it, and then go for another. Training comprises of different aspects: Mind, Body, and Spirit. As a whole, it doesn’t only exist in movies, books or stories. It exists in every area of one’s lifestyle. Becoming strong both mentally and physically will facilitate longevity. For trained athletes, Kung Fu helps them adopt a disciplined state and a high level of fitness which is very important in the foundation of skills.

Master Chen FushengMaster Chen Fusheng, an owner of international martial arts club, proved that Kung Fu has been loved and appreciated by foreigners. In fact, more than 100 students from 23 countries have gone to his club, practicing 9 hours a day paying a not-so-cheap monthly tuition fee.


Who’s ready for a Kung Fu lifestyle now?!

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