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Family First: Strengthening Bonds and Ties

Family First: Strengthening Bonds and Ties
By Rose Salas

TP 201808 Art 01古语有云:“家和万事兴”,这句话即使放在今天看来依然有其深远的教育意义。家庭是社会关系中的最小单位,每个人都和自己的原生家庭有千丝万缕的联系,不论是自己的成长环境、性格塑造还是未来的人生发展,都是基于家庭这个原点再向前拓展的;我们的人生记忆和人际关系也在家的基础上得以维系。父母是我们最亲最爱的人,即使在自己成家立业之后,自己的家依然是独一无二的存在,这里的每一位家庭成员都对彼此有无私的爱、尊重与关怀。





Family is a major component of our society and civilization. The famous saying “Family First” gives us a clear picture of what it really means for someone to belong and feel at home in one’s family. We all find security and happiness from the time we become aware of life in the arms of our loving parents. That’s why even if we are able to stand on our own or even start our own family, we will never forget the good memories in our first home - and every part of it reminds us of a story that we treasure in our hearts.


Parents can be the most influential people in a child’s life. Basically, the kind of relationship one has with his parents becomes evident in the way he gives importance and how he prioritizes them in major aspects of his life. The love for our parents can strongly strengthen the ties that we have with them. This is probably how the foundation of China’s society has been built; because every member of the family gives value to what keeps them all together - love, respect and care.


Due to modernization, it is inevitable that changes can occur on how we maintain the bond within our families. What are helpful ways that can make our family ties and bonds go stronger as time passes by? Here are some great pointers. Read on!

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Visit your grandparents once in a while
Elders are at all times valued and respected. Do not forget to pay them a visit by going back to your hometown and spending quality time with them. As one’s hair becomes gray, time spent with their loved ones is more precious than anything else in the world.


Don’t miss the family meal
Dinner is when everyone gathers after a whole day’s work. Be “present” not just physically, but let your family feel that you are with them by engaging into their discussion, or by simply putting away your smart phones and focusing on the meal. Appreciate every moment that your mother or father can still prepare hearty meals for you.


Set a Family Day

Busy parents must set aside a day to spend with their family. It is now common that both parents work to be a provider. In most cases, grandparents take care of the child. Setting a family day can be the best day to bond with your spouse, child, and parents. A week that’s spent just for work can put stress. De-stress by going out with your family at least once a week. It will surely boost your immune system!


Come Home
If you are a professional who works away from home, come home on birthdays, family reunions, festivals, and special occasions. Do not break the family’s tradition. Make an effort to return to your family. Go home and be with them.


Show Unconditional Love
When you say unconditional love, it means no matter what happens, let your child, your parents, and extended families know that you love them without restrictions or reservations. Make room for mistakes and improvement with each other. Life is short. Live it with love and compassion. This will surely build a harmonious relationship and foster closer ties within your family.


A harmonious family life is not easy to achieve if one does not participate. It is a process and can be learned through small things. Small things can make a huge difference. According to the teachings of Confucius, importance of family extends to the well-being of the country. Let us all strive in strengthening our family ties and bonds. We can help our society and create a legacy for the future generations.

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