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EXERCISE THE MEMORY: How to Be More Efficient and Acquire a Healthier Brain




When you are a student – or even just a very dedicated employee who would love to work on some memory skills – it is kind of hard to find good and effective advice that can help you improve your memory. There are plenty of reasons to exercise your memory and not all of them are related to studying or working. Keeping your brain healthy is the key to prevent the wrong kind of aging. In fact, the older you get, the more you lose the ability to withstand neurological damage due to aging and other factors.
But just as physical exercise and general workout can help you prevent atrophy for your muscles and your body as a whole, mental exercise can help you live, work and study better. Here are three different good, daily practices that experts from all around the world believe to be good for your brain. There are plenty of others, but without these three basic activities, things like meditation would be useless.
Repeat To Yourself All the Time
Whenever you are performing an action, tell yourself what you are doing in that moment. This will help you create a mental note that should avoid you the struggle of wondering what is it that you were doing in that moment and if you actually completed that task. For example, if you're writing an email, tell yourself either silently or out loud, "I am writing an email to this person right now”.
Be Observant
It doesn't matter where you are, always take a moment to look around yourself and notice the characteristics of your immediate surroundings. This may also help you with improving your orientation. For instance, if you are the kind of person who always gets lost, you may want to start noticing the different building and decorations on walls. Finding reference spots along the way will often help you find the way home. 
Genuinely listen to others when they are talking to you, especially if you are a student and you are in the middle of a lesson. Try to be present during classes and/or conversations because in that way you will not forget things that people have already told you and you will spare the extra time you would need to research those very same things. And, by the way, listening also helps to create more authentic and compassionate relationships. If you get to know someone better, you will like them better and you will remember easily the details that concern them or the job you both do.
In conclusion, improving your memory and your mental skills will not be easy, but in the long run, the efforts will definitely pay off. 
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