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Tips on General Health and How to Lose Weight

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It is absolutely normal to want to give up trying to lose weight or even a small quantity of it. People are going to tell you that it hurts only at the beginning and that it gets better, but it is just a big fat lie. The cruel reality is that it will hurt every day, even if you finally reach the body you have always dreamed of. Keeping in shape is even harder than the previous steps. 
You will also be told by almost everyone that all you need to do is work hard and never give up and that anything can be achieved with the right amount of effort. Well, that is not exactly how it works.
The idea is undoubtedly quite noble. However, depending on your body type, there are lots of things that you can do and other ones that you cannot simply realize perfectly. If you take two different people that have the same problem (let’s say, obesity) and the same history of training experience (let’s say, zero), you will most likely see even on the first day that they have their differences. There are multiple reasons for that but the most important one is genetics.
Of course, hard work can help in ensuring that the process is effective. You will certainly see improvements but if you are not genetically adequate to become just like your idol, you will never have the exact same body. And that is okay. There are some advantages that you cannot acquire from just training hard. You have got to be born with certain features and that is just how it is. 
That being said, now that you have certain knowledge about having human, personal limits, you are free to try to train in whatever way you want. You are free to enjoy different sports. Exercising is always a good thing and it will make you healthier no matter what. Just keep in mind that it is totally okay not to be as good as an Olympian. 
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A tip to keep up the hard work
We already said how difficult it is to keep training, to stay in shape, to lose weight and be as healthy as possible We have indeed already said how much it hurts, physically and mentally, to stay focused and to keep your eyes on the prize. The first days are especially hard, but there is a big tip that you can use. 
Do you watch live tv-shows? Are you a movie-addict? Do you love watching a tv-news channel? Then you are halfway there. Enjoy a movie or a couple of episodes of your favorite shows or keep you up to date with a news channel while riding your stationary bike, while squatting or following the training “Walk at Home”. The burn will be there but you will be distracted enough not to hate every single second of it. 
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