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Entertainment October 2017



Michael Meyer鎵钁楃殑The Last Days of Old Beijing锛堛婅佸寳浜殑鏈鍚庡瞾鏈堛嬶級涓杞戒簡鍖椾含杩囧幓鏁板勾鐨勫彉杩佷笌鍏夐槾銆侻eyer鍦ㄥ寳浜ぇ鏍呮爮鍦板尯鐨勮儭鍚屾繁宸蜂腑搴﹁繃浜嗗嚑骞存椂鍏夛紝浠栧钩鏃跺湪鐓ゅ競琛楀皬瀛︽暀鑻辫锛岃浣欏垯鍍忓ぇ澶氭暟灞呮皯涓鏍疯瀺鍏ュ競浜曠敓娲汇備粬鍦ㄤ功涓粙缁嶄簡鍑犲勾鑳″悓鐢熸椿鎵閬囧埌褰㈠舰鑹茶壊鐨勪汉涓庝簨锛屽苟绌挎彃鍖椾含鏃у尯鏀归犲巻鍙茬殑鍥涙绡囩珷锛屼粠涓汉鐨勮瑙掑嬀鍕掑嚭褰撲唬涓浗鍩庡競鍙樿縼杩涚▼涓殑杩锋儤涓庡按灏

Spiderman: Homecoming
Colourful and fun second reboot that has been released and has already received plenty of positive comments on its plot, actors play and overall impression that it gives. New Spiderman movie tells the audience how young Peter Parker tries to fall back into his routine after being one of the Avengers superheroes and learns to navigate his newfound identity. However, his attempts to rebuild a calm and peaceful life, of course, will be destroyed by the appearance of the new villain and once more everything he loves will be threatened. According to one of the critics at the Cincinnati CityBeat: “Homecoming is a friendly reminder that even the most spectacular heroes have a lot of growing up to do.”
The Last Days of Old Beijing
Michael Meyer
If you come to China, the first place most of the people decide to visit is Beijing – the capital city that strikes as a vast and prosperous megapolis. While taking a walk in the Chinese capital, visitors usually fall under impression that the entire city is a shiny and modern business cosmopolitan city with glamorous coffee shops, 5-star hotels, airport-sized shopping malls and wide clean streets. However, Beijing is slightly different from what it appears to be at the first glance – majority of Chinese people don’t live in this glass covered buildings and don’t stroll in luxury shopping malls. The book written by Michael Meyer describes Beijing as it is now without any glitter, but also without unnecessary negative spin. The book is worth reading for people who would love to understand modern Chinese cities as they are and get to know the real life of Chinese people in big cities. 
National Theatre Live
A National Theatre play about Mozart, his life and path to timeless worldwide fame is going to be broadcasted from London to Tianjin Grand theatre this September. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a young gifted musician, arrives in Vienna determined to become famous and recognized. Stunned by his genius, the court’s most renowned composer Antonio Salieri takes him under his wing. However jealousy turns his plans around and turns the court concert into a sheer tragedy. 
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