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Chitchat - Alberto Zago



Italian-born Alberto sends a big “Ciao!” to all our readers. Alberto has come back recently to China attracted towards his love. He is working in a prestigious Italian restaurant in Tianjin and spends his free time by reading more books about recipes and kitchen stuff. He is happily living in Tianjin but misses his family and hometown. He tells us more about his life in Tianjin.
1. Describe yourself in three words.
Sentimental, honest, crazy 
2. What brings you to Tianjin and how long have you been here?
I came back to Tianjin because of my girlfriend, Samantha. I called up my previous boss and they wanted me to come back. It is nice to work where I feel my heart should be. I've been here 3 months already.
3. You work as Chef in Tianjin. What is the most exciting part of your work?
I like to put my knowledge and Italian traditions in all my dishes. I also like to share this information and passion with my colleagues and mainly with customers. I love talking to guests and share my experiences with them.
4. What are your favourite foods to eat?
I prefer seafood as I am originally from a place near the Italian coast. I was born in Venice.
5. Where are your favourite places to visit in Tianjin?
I like many places in Tianjin, but I prefer to walk around Wu Da Dao, Ming yuan stadium and chat with my friends, Valeriano and his wife and Daniel.
6. What are your hobbies?
I have many hobbies, but I practice only when my working time allows me. Football, tennis, billiards, music and reading culinary books are my preferences.
7. What is your best memory in Tianjin and why?
Well … many good moments come to my mind, but maybe I will select the first time I played billiards with Samantha. It was so charming!
8. Is there anything you miss about your home country? Why?
Yes, I miss my country a lot. Especially my friends, walking at the seaside and … of course … talk in Italiano with everybody around. It is much easier for me! :-) 
9. Is there anything you would change about Tianjin?
I like the safe environment of Tianjin and every year the city has become more beautiful. I will only suggest improving the color of the sky!
10. Anything else to add?
I would also suggest improving road safety. Cars should leave more space when passing motorcycles or bicycles. 
Thank you for telling us about yourself. We wish you all the best here in Tianjin!
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