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Minya Konka: A Trekking Getaway






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If trekking is what you want then Sichuan province in China has something to offer that you cannot compare with any other trekking destination in the world. And when it comes to trekking you must have heard of Mount Minya Konka already. Having an altitude of 7,556 meters above sea level, Mount Minya Konka places itself as the highest mountain peak in Sichuan province. As a matter of fact it is indeed one of the highest mountain peaks in all of China.
Mount Minya Konka is also popularly known as The King of Mountain Shu. Apart from being considered as a holy place for the people of Tibet, this mountain also makes a popular destination for trekking. Thus, visiting the province of Sichuan is incomplete without trekking the Minya Konka Mountain.
In Tibetan language, Minya Konka is otherwise known as Gongga Mountain. It is a major peak of the mountain range of Daxue. There are actually forty-five peaks with a height of more than six thousand meters around Minya Konka. The highest peak in the mountain range has so far measured to a height of 7,556 meters. It is also known to be higher than the Dado River by 6,000 meters. It comes with huge vertical relief over the deep gorges.
The whole year round Mount Minya Konka is expected to be covered with snow. It offers a splendid scene, attracting many tourists and hikers to climb and realize an unforgettable trekking and hiking experience of their lifetime. In Chinese language, the “xiong hun Zhuang kuo” phrase means a great spectacular place or scene. Compared to the lush forests of Jiuzhaigou and the stone peak scenery of Zhangjiajie, Mount Minya Konka happens to be a lot different than the aforementioned mountain peaks. 
Minya Konka has a reputation of being a holy mountain especially for Tibetans. In fact the mountain attracts countless Tibetans to the Konka Temple for pilgrimage. However, you have to keep in mind that the mountain comes with a brutally hard trail. Apart from the high standing peaks, the trail also comprises of hard ice layers and deep snow covering.
Such obstacles are things that actually render the trekking experience even more challenging. The truth is that many trekkers in Sichuan want to have a more challenging trekking experience so they usually end up climbing the Minya Konka Mountain. It was in the year 1957 when the mainland Chinese Hiking Group reached the peak of the mountain.
Most pictures of Mount Minya Konka consist of two basic and necessary elements – the snow-covered peak and the cloud. It is seen to be the closest point to heaven, conniving with its name “the Mountain Shu King.” Gazing at the mountain conveys a feeling of solemnity and holiness as far as its silence is concerned.
Looking at the mountain with the moon shining above, you can think of the heavenly body as a symbol of desolate and lonely things. But when you look at the mountain with the moon, you can feel an air of friendliness. Every year many photographers from different countries visit Sichuan to take photos of Mount Minya Konka from afar.
Tourists who plan to visit Sichuan till the biggest Hailuogou Glacier are usually transferred from Chengdu by private car. The glacier itself and the hot spring are the main attractions on the eastern portion of Mount Minya Konka. It is said that the hot spring offers many benefits and advantages to a person’s health. How well do you like seeing yourself leaning against the snow-covered wall of the mountain and underneath your feet is a pool of hot spring? Truly this experience is great with the steam coming up, meeting the cold air in the process.
As for the latest news about Mount Minya Konka, an infrared camera has captured a snow leopard which is considered as the most beautiful feline animal in the world. About four thousand to six thousand five hundred of these endangered cats are left in the wild and many of them can be seen living in the mountains of China.
For a great trekking experience, arrange a Mount Minya Konka Trekking tour today.
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