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Chitchat - Stella Sabbatini



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Describe yourself in three words.
Happy, simple, adventurer
Where are you from? What brings you to Tianjin and how long have you been here?
I’m from Brazil and I am 29 years old. My first time in Tianjin was a two-month job in Binhai area, but a little further and close to the beach. Then I got the opportunity to study the Chinese language and came back 8 months ago.
And which is your favourite place to get a quick bite?
Usually, I go to BinJiangDao, because it is a very commercial place, full of options to please any taste. If you don’t feel like eating the same thing every day and want something different, you just go for a quick walk and can find anything.
What is your favourite place to unwind and why?
What I like most is to walk by the Tianjin River in the evening. You can see people walking, kids playing, couples, photographers, fishermen and obviously that pretty view with all the lights on. That renews your inner peace.
What are your hobbies here?
I think the best is to invite friends for a refreshing drink at some western pub, for example Oscar House, close to BinJiangDao.
What are your last readings?
To be honest, what I read the most is content for the study of Chinese language. Lol….
Name a movie that you would like to recommend to our readers.
“The theory of everything” is a movie about Stephen Hawkins’s life apart from his brilliant career as an astrophysicist. It is contemporary, realistic and fantastic. 
What is your best memory in Tianjin and why?
Last winter, when it was snowing it was my very first time seeing snow and I even made a little ball. Lol…

Is there anything you miss about your home country?
Being able to speak fluently the language and talk to the locals with no misunderstanding.
What advice would you give to newcomers in Tianjin?
My advice is to download some helpful apps on their phones. For example, one of the apps enables you to rent public bicycles, like “Ofo” or “Mobike”; the app to check how long the bus will take to get at your bus stop, “杞︽潵浜” (CheLaiLe), or “婊存淮” (DiDi), for get a taxi is very similar to Uber, more popular and also has an English version.
Describe Tianjin.
It is a big town but with the feeling of a countryside or a small city.
Is there anything you would change about Tianjin?
If I could change anything, it would be the quality of air. With less or no pollution, this city would be an even better place to live. 
Anything else to add?
Tianjin is the place for leading a peaceful life. And I can only thank everybody who helped me to get the opportunity to come back to this city.
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